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"Natfiber" LLC. is young and modern hemp processing company. Our production facility is located in Latgale, Kraslava county. Once, this region was famous for the flax processing industry. Now the times have changed, hemp industry is rapidly developing in the place of the flax. Our company, by using new technology and powerful processing equipment, is able to produce purified hemp fiber that preserves its mechanical, physical and ecological qualities. We are proud of the opportunity to revive old Latvian traditions with a modern approach.

Dreams are like seeds: they need good soil and care.

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Hemp fiber - is the most resistant out of natural fibers. Ship ropes have been manufactured using hemp fiber from ancient times to this day, as hemp is more resistant to salt water than other fibers. Hemp fiber is traditionally used also as an insulating material.


Hemp fiber can be used for:


-Manufacture of ropes, twine and yarns

-Construction and repair


Packed in bales of 60x60x80cm, can be tied with steel wire or PP tape. Bale weight - 60 kg. Delivery is possible with a transport company mediation or self pick-up.


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Hemp hurd is a natural "breathable" material that has a high coefficient of thermal resistance (retaining insulation properties), is also resistant to mold and fungus formation and is "uninteresting" to insects.


Hemp hurd can be used for:

-Floor and attic insulation

-Manufacture of hempcrete, bricks and blocks

-Manufacture of pressed plates

-Manufacture of briquettes and pellets

-Furniture and automotive industry

-Bedding for pets


Packed in big-bags, weight - about 300 kg. Delivery is possible with a transport company mediation or self pick-up.



Our company offers hemp and flax processing services. If you grow a hemp or a flax, but don't know what to do with the straws after harvesting the seeds, then you can contact us, we will solve your problem.


We will pick up the raw material, process it into hurds and fiber, and then supply you with the finished products. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For farmers

If you are interested in growing hemp, but you have not had any experience or information about the hemp cultivation until now and you do not know if it will be profitable, please contact us.

We will explain all the benefits in hemp cultivation, as well as how much you will be able to earn, where to buy seeds, what is the government support, and the other importnant information you need.

  • Latvian soil and climate are ideal for growing hemp
  • Only natural fertilizers without pesticides are used for cultivation
  • High quality natural fiber, hurd and seeds
  • Cultivation and harvesting do not require special equipment

How to become a raw hemp supplier?

How to grow hemp?

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Business Inkubator in Daugavpils

Latvian Art Academy

Latvian Industrial Hemp Association

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If you are interested in our products, services or are open for a cooperation, please contact us.


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Dileri, Vilmaņi, Ūdrīšu pagasts, Krāslavas novads, Latvija

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